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ANEXIO is an accredited Large Scale Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) provider. ANEXIO delivers a broad range of advanced IT services to business organizations, focusing on reducing overall costs while enabling businesses growth.

The company specializes in Data Center & Business IT Solutions, consisting of Cloud Services, Colocation, Storage as a Service (STASS), Disaster Recovery as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Managed IT, & Managed Voice. Founded in 1996, the company started out with a mission to give business owners peace of mind and freedom from worrying over their technology.

Product Details

ANEXIO - Cloud Services
ANEXIO - Cloud Services
HQ Location
United States
Year Founded
SaaS, On-Premise


Primary Use Cases

Data Center Services, Data Center Solutions, Colocation, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Network Security, Managed IT, Hybrid Cloud, Storage as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, AWS, Office 365, MPLS, LAN Design, VoIP, Private Server Hosting, and Managed Backup

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